NEFCC Member Update – Covid-19

Dear members,

I hope you and your loved ones are well and managing to keep spirits up in these very difficult circumstances. I know everyone’s experiences and circumstances will be different but I also know that every single one of us will be really challenged in some way by the current situation.

Clearly the current Government advice to Stay at home, Stay safe and protect the NHS means we as a club are unable to deliver our planned programs at the moment. Our first priority will always be everyone’s health and safety and we will adhere strictly to the Government’s most current advice.

That advice has changed so quickly in the last week that last week seems such a long time ago!

PLEASE NOTE РDilston fishing is closed until further notice so anyone who had booked a rod in April consider that booking cancelled and will need to re book for later in the year.

Looking ahead we hope that at some point, when it is safe to do so, restrictions will be lifted and allow us to salvage something of our season. Whilst being on the river may seem insignificant to some or a very long way away to others I look forward to being able to do it and get back to some sense of normality. There is no doubt of the benefits of fresh air, exercise, friendship and a break form the usual day to day worries that time on the river or lake can provide but that is to look forward to for now.

At some point when restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so we will assess what it may still possible to offer you in terms of courses, drop ins, enhanced members fishing days, trips etc etc.

In the meantime we will try to keep fishing on the agenda by sharing some thoughts/videos/tips over the coming weeks on our Facebook page and YouTube channel

On a positive note when that happens our fisheries will have been well rested and the fishing should be good – who knows even Ben might get one?

Future Comms via Email
One final thing….. We are changing the way we communicate with members and have 2 methods….
We have noticed that some emails we send from those addresses end up in your spam or junk folder so i will send an email with ‘Test’ in the heading from each email, please check you spam/junk folder and if either end up in junk or spam please click to ‘make it safe’ or ‘not spam’ this should ensure all future emails arrive in your inbox¬†

Until then please keep safe and keep in touch.

Best wishes,

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